Business Cards Finally Here !!

After a week of checking my order status and stalking the FedEx tracking page, the day is FINALLY HERE! Slim, rounded corners on 14pt card stock; it's almost orgasmic...... Now if you've cleaned yourself up, lets get into a few details after the break.

[themecolor]Choosing a Printing Company[/themecolor]

During this phase, I didn't even consider any local companies and its not because I don't support local businesses. Mostly it was due to my friends experiences with a lot of the local companies. It seemed that they never get it right the first or even the second time around, misaligned, wrong colors, fading, bad stock, etc. So I decided to just bypass that and go straight for the larger online brands, this ultimately led me to Vista Print and UPrinting.

I've had experience with Vista Print in the past ( I want to say 5 years ago ), and have heard of UPrinting mostly through blog sites. UPrinting always seems to be running som sort of contest or giveaway. In the end I went with UPrinting because they offer various amounts of card shapes as well as the templates (AI, PSD, etc ) to create the design.


As far as design, I just stuck with with the newer scheme of colors I've been using lately which are blue green, light grey and dark grey.  This keeps a familiar overall feeling when visiting the blog and portfolio. For the information side, I wanted to just get the bare minimums out there. I've always been turned off from business cards that have too much information on it. I think it should just be a quick introduction and if the recipient wants to learn more, they'll call/email/etc.

Clemente Gomez

Twitter: @kreativeking

Hi, I'm a professional Web and Mobile Developer. I play music, cycle, game and paint from time to time. Follow me on twitter for impromptu brain thoughts. =D

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