My New Latest 'Mente' Graffiti Style Tattoo

Mente Tattoo

My plan is to draw all of my tattoos, that way I know they're original and no one else has them. Already started drawing my next one tattoo. Will give you guys a sneak peak soon. This one however is to finish off my known name, 'Kreative Mente;. The art style Im going for on my right arm is all related to graffiti.

The idea for my next tattoo is to to go from my foram all the way up to my shoulder and finally exiting on my chest. It will be a huge Black Dragon. The twist however is that,  I want the whole body of the dragon to be spelt out in graffiti text: 'BLACK DRAGON'. In my head the tattoo looks great, but hopefully I can translate that onto paper well enough that it will make a good tattoo.

I'd like you guys to post some cool drawings/tattoos of dragons and graffiti art. Oh and make sure to give it a like on Instagram if you think it looks good.

Clemente Gomez

Twitter: @kreativeking

Hi, I'm a professional Web and Mobile Developer. I play music, cycle, game and paint from time to time. Follow me on twitter for impromptu brain thoughts. =D

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