UMVC3 - Breakdowns Episode 6 ( Captain America )

Breakdowns Episode 6

By popular demand, I finally uploaded the Captain America Breakdown Vid. Few tips:

For Combo 1, the Charging Star is easier to hit if you hit the standing H as late as possible so the opponent doesn't pop too high into the air that the Charging Star will miss. For Combo 2, the series after Launcher is pretty tight to hit the whole thing. So hit them as soon as you leave the ground.

Hope you guys/girls enjoy and I'll catch you all later. Subscribe, Like, Share, etc!!


Combo 1:

M, cr.H xx QCF + H, j.H, j. Up + H xx QCF + L, H xx QCF +H, QCB + L, QCB + H xx Super

Combo 2:

j.H, j. Down + H, j.L, j.M, j.H, j. Down + H, j.L, j.M, j.H xx QCF + H, Dash xx QCB + L, S, j.M, j.H, j. Up + H, S, QCF + L xx Super


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