Marvel: New Kreative Lab #4 - BACK TO MAHVEL

Hey guys, time to get back into UMvC3 with a new edition of Kreative Lab. In this edition I tried to find out some new and interesting combos WITHOUT using an assist. I'll give you the run down on what I thought was interesting about each combo. Also I might end up throwing together a Kreative Lab 4.5 perhaps of all the combos I didn't use in this video.

Amaterasu Combo : 0:20 - Air S into Medium

I actually came across this by mistake ( like I usually do ), If you are low enough to the ground you can actually catch an Air S with a really quick Medium into Launcher. I'm going to experiment more with this and see if I can pull it off multiple times in a single combo.

Captain America : 0:32 - Jump Loop

I've always loved jump loops in UMvC3, they always look kind of cool and awkward, depending on the character. My initial goal with this combo was to try and do as much damage before I launched them in the air. Since Cap can't fly, a jump loop is what came to mind.

Doctor Doom : 0:44 - Green Corner Laser

Came up with this trying to figure out if I can use Doom's Laser in a combo without being in a TAC situation. I actually came up with about 4 or 5 variations of this corner combo ( some with more foot dives, others with ALOT more dashes ), but decided to just put this one in the video. I don't know about everyone else, but it always bothered me when someone makes a combo video with about 10 combos and they all start off exactly the same with different finishers. My goal is just to get the idea in your head and let you run with it. I may make another video of all the throwaway combos if people are really interested in it.

Hsien-Ko : 0:56 - Gong Loop

Bottom line, no one ever uses Hsien-Ko. She has to be the most underused character in UMvC3, just about every combo I came up with is underused ( lol ). Hsien-Ko has a few loops actually, again for redundancy sake, I left the others out. Its hard coming up with some hard hitting combos with Hsiien-Ko alone without burning tons of meter, so I went with fancy instead.

Hsien-Ko: 1:05 - Command Grab Whiff

Silly!!! She can whiff her command grab and keep combo going!! GOD I love UMvC3. Im going to see who else can do this and report my findings in the near future.

Doctor Doom: 1:14 - From the Corner back into the Corner

Again in my journey to see how Doom's Green Laser can be used mid combo. You can actually do this mid screen as well. May have to alter it a bit to bring them back in the corner. But from the corner I think it the best option for this, since Doom can really capitalize from having the opponent in the corner.

Shuma Gorath: 1:32 - Mystic Stares!

Shuma is such a crazy character yet no one uses him either in UMvC3. My original goal was going to try and build enough meter for a level 3 from one bar, but it just wasn't happening with Solo Shuma. I might give it a try again with assits to see if I can biuld up 2 extra bars for a TOD ( Touch of Death ) combo. Also this is actually two combos in one. I wanted to show the different situations you are left with depending on which super is done.

With Mystic Ray, you can actually hit the opponent with a light after the last set of eyes blow up and force them to Air Tech into a grab reset. With Mystic Smash. the opponent is forced to block when they get up or get hit with the exploding eyes. If they block you can command grab them into a full blown combo, or if they decide to hit a button you have enough time to confirm into combo as well.


Hope everyone enjoyed the video and learned something out of it. Remember to comment or tweet me which video you'd like to see a breakdown of out of the ones shown in this video. I'll make a video of the most requested one by Friday. September 7th. Be sure to share, like favorite and subscribe if you enjoyed the video ... and if you're into that kind of stuff. Til next time ......

Clemente Gomez

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