Watch Dogs - E3 Gamplay Video

On my list of cool looking games at E3, this has to be in the Top 5 if not number 1. This game presents so many cool new game play mechanics and ideas its mind blowing. Ubisoft definitely won E3 for me with this game.

Aden in a gun fightThere was some debate during the debut of this, if it would be available for current-gen consoles. Based on this video alone I would've guessed a big HELL NO! With such a smart and adaptive AI, beautiful graphics, awesome lighting. I wouldn't even be upset if this would have been a PS4 or Xbox 720 ( Durango ).

During a developer interview, Johnathon Morin let us know that the demo is actually a PC rendition of the game. He also let us know that this will make it to current-gen systems as well. I doubt that it would look this good at all, but I hope not so much changes when "dumbing" down the game for the PS3 and 360.

We can also look forward to some sort of Multiplayer aspect in Watch Dogs. Still unsure if it will be a co-operative or competitive role. Definitely going to be keeping a close eye on Watch Dogs developments


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